There is a way out of addiction

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Are You or a Loved One Suffering From Addiction?

Whether it's yourself, friend or a family member, addiction can wreak havoc on the lives of those who it affects. Know what to look for.

Losing interest

By far the most well known symptom in those suffering through addiction, losing interest or stopping what one once enjoyed doing, is the first and most obvious of signs exhibited by the addicted. Its progression can seem subtle and remain unnoticed to many.


A very telling sign, physical changes exhibited by those suffering through addiction tend to be more drastic and immediate than other symptoms. These changes vary from rapid weight loss to an uncaring self image. Spending less time in personal hygiene is an early sign of addiction.


Denying the problem of addiction is by far the most common factor between all addiction issues. Self acknowledging a problem to exist tends to be one of the most difficult hurdles of addiction. Seeking help typically only comes about after the problem is admitted to exist.

Seeking Help

When should I get help?

The mistake many people make is in waiting too long to either ask or get help. Receiving proper treatment must be immediate to keep the addiction from causing further damage to both the addict’s mental and physical health.

If dealt with early enough through the withdrawal process, certain effects can be eradicated and medicated before they are ever felt.

Too many times the withdrawal symptoms of the most popularly used drugs and alcohol, have dangerously long lasting effects. In just the last 5 years, alcohol withdrawal has been the leading cause of withdrawal related deaths in the United States alone.

To keep yourself or someone you love from being a fatality, call us today.


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